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Austen's Women: Lady Susan is based on Jane Austen's first full-length work from 1794 and created entirely from letters. Meet devil-may-care Lady Susan, the coquettish black widow; oppressed, rebellious daughter Frederica; long-suffering sister-in-law Catherine; family matriarch Mrs De Courcy; and insouciant best friend, Alicia. A one-woman show performed by Rebecca Vaughan

‘Truly extraordinary… one of the most exciting young performers on the British Stage’

British Theatre Guide

Dyad Productions creates, produces and tours classic theatre with an innovative and contemporary emphasis. A regular fixture at the Edinburgh Fringe, their work has been a critical, 5-star, sell-out success since 2009.


Other Dyad Productions - Austen’s Women, I, Elizabeth, Christmas Gothic, Female Gothic and A Room of One’s Own -  have garnered five-star reviews and continue to tour across the UK and internationally. In 2018 Dyad Productions was awarded the prestigious Three Weeks Editors’ Award for Cumulative Body of Work.


This piece was created in collaboration with The Old Town Hall, Hemel Hempstead, where they are a resident company.


Austen’s Women: Lady Susan is performed by Rebecca Vaughan (Christmas Gothic, Female Gothic, Austen’s Women, I, Elizabeth, A Room of One’s Own).


Directed by Andrew Margerison (A Frantic Assembly’s Fatherland, Macbeth) Costume by Kate Flanaghan (Austen’s Women, Female Gothic, Christmas Gothic, I, Elizabeth, A Room of One’s Own).


Sound design by Danny Bright (A Room of One’s Own, Christmas Gothic). Lighting design by Martin Tucker (Christmas Gothic)


DATE: 11/07/24

TIME: Doors 6pm

VENUE: Wessex Arts, HSDC Alton

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