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Privacy Policy

Information about the Alton Arts Festival website

If you are browsing our website, you do not need to disclose your personal details.


Information we collect

The Alton Arts Festival website does not capture or store any personal information about individuals who access it.



The website makes use of cookies for personalisation to enhance your experience. If you do not wish to receive a cookie, then you can change the cookie settings on our website to reject certain ones. However, if cookies are turned off, it will disable some of the functionality including favourites and shortlisting.


Information collected automatically to improve our website

The website collects and stores the following non-personal information that is automatically recognised:

• date and time,
• originating IP,
• type of browser,
• operating system used,
• URL of the referring page,
• object requested, and
• completion status of the request.


Visitors to our website remain anonymous as it cannot link any of the data collected to individuals. The information only allows Alton Arts Festival to assess the popularity of the pages on the website, so that continual improvements can be made to the website.

Cookies used on this website


Please note that this privacy notice does not cover other websites linked to from it. If you visit another website through a link on this website you should review that websites privacy notice and satisfy yourself that you are happy to continue to use it.


Notification of changes

As Alton Arts Festival creates new services or amends its online services this may generate a need to amend this privacy notice. If substantial changes are made Alton Arts Festival will highlight such changes on the home page of the website. Your continued use of the website is your agreement to any changes to this privacy notice.



If you have any queries about the privacy policy please contact us at:

If you are not satisfied with our response you are able to contact the Information Commissioner, at: Wycliffe House, Water Lane, Wilmslow, Cheshire, CK9 5AF


Definition of terms



Cookies are text of information that are stored on your computer by the websites you visited. Cookie information contains an ID tag that will be used to recognize you when you return to the page and personalise your visit. Information supplied by cookies can help analyse the profile of our visitors and help to provide you with a better user experience.


IP (Internet Protocol)

The technical standard by which data is transferred between two devices. All networks connected to the internet speak IP.



Websites are found by their addresses. Each website has a URL, or Uniform Resource Locator, assigned to it.

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