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Join Mike Rawlins, a local singer-songwriter performing on the open-mic scene and recent graduate of the Institute of Contemporary Music Performance MA Songwriting programme for a songwriting workshop.

DATE: 10/07/24

TIME: 5.30pm – 6.30pm

VENUE: Goldfinch Books

Guitarist Writing Song

Mike has been writing and performing his own songs for ten years, discovering his creative side late in life. Mike performs as ‘Me and the Koala’ and has released an EP, ‘6 Songs About Love?’, under that name in 2023, together with a 2016 album, ‘Recycled’, as himself.


Mike teaches songwriting for Farnham U3A and is a passionate believer that we all have the ability to create and share songs. When asked: “How do you find the ideas for songs?”, his reply is always: “How do you not see songs all around you?”  The prompts for songs are everywhere, we just have to learn to notice them.  And the best way to learn how to write songs is to write songs.

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