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DATE: 06/07/24

TIME: 9.30pm - 12.30pm

VENUE: Community Centre


Join artist Paul Harfleet, as he shares a brief introduction to his award-winning practice. He will read from his children’s book Pansy Boy. He’ll then lead an informal drawing workshop, revealing some of his slightly bonkers drawing techniques. By the end of the session every participant will have created a series of conceptual drawings inspired by bird song and an unexpectedly accomplished little portrait of a British bird.

Open to all age groups and abilities - though bear in mind this is a 3-hour session, so probably not suited to young children.

This exciting workshop will include:

  • Introduction to the work of Paul Harfleet, through The Pansy Project, Pansy Boy and Birds Can Fly 

  • Drawing to the sound of bird song - A selection of bird songs will be played and participants will ‘draw along’, creating a series of ‘perfect’ conceptual drawings

  • A bird will then be drawn upside down. We’ll break each element up into little drawing tasks, breaking down the shapes of the bird. When the drawing is revealed by turning the paper the correct way, each participant will be surprised by their accomplished drawing.

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