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Armin Roshdi (Phoenix Magazine) is hosting a 2-hour workshop for kids aged 7 - 11 to have a go at illustrating woodland creatures. Armin will take you through the tips and tricks for creating amazing illustrations, tutor you and help you have a go at creating something amazing.

DATE: 07/07/24

TIME: 12pm – 2pm

VENUE: Goldfinch Books

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Armin Roshdi is a traditional and digital freelance illustrator based in Hampshire with over 10 years experience as an artist as well as teaching assistant for Art and Design at Treloar College in Alton. Armin currently freelances regularly for The Phoenix Comic Magazine on the Fates & Fortunes stories as well as some work on their tutorial series, The Skills Hub. Alongside these, he also freelances for other projects and his own original illustrations and graphic novel ideas.


"Since my early years I've been a dreamer and have been fascinated by movies, specifically fantasy and Film Noir, with the striking contrast of black and white imagery and the visual storytelling these present. Much of my art has also been influenced by books, games and music as well as my love for nature, myths, folklore and legends. These have all played a part in my journey, always finding new ways to influence my art in some way."

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