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Studio shots Chloe S Moncrieff in bank with surrounding art.JPG

Take inspiration from the foliage and fecundity of Austen’s garden in this painting workshop that uses both observation from the land and your imagination. Local artist Chloe Scott Moncrieff invites you to find your inner artist and learn how to feel free with colour and brushes and paint.

DATE: 07/07/24

TIME: 2pm – 5pm

VENUE: Jane Austen's House

Chloe says: 

"I invite you to come along to realise that everyone has an artist within them.

A garden begins with the intimacy of hand touching the earth, picking the seeds, feeling the leaves. In almost all cultures the garden represents a sacred space. So how we do use the intricate patterns of nature to convey our ideas?


Painting doesn’t have to be about like for like, exact observation. Sometimes, this can hold you back from producing your more intuitive work. To really feel a landscape, you can play with large gestural brushwork, spattering and colour to express how you view the world."

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