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HSDC Alton presents 'The Nettle Dress'.


Textile artist Allan Brown spends seven years making a dress by hand, just from the fibre of locally foraged stinging nettles.

DATE: 12/07/24

TIME: 6pm

VENUE: Wessex Arts


This is 'hedgerow couture', the greenest of slow fashion and also his medicine. It's how he survives the death of his wife and finds a beautiful way to honour her. A modern-day fairytale and hymn to the healing power of nature and slow craft.


Presented by HSDC Alton College, it speaks of a future through sustainable, mindful, and non-invasive approach to textile production and fashion, and is inspiring, beautiful, and optimistic at a time when many of us are considering the future of the planet and asking questions about our relationship with the environment. We are very lucky to be able to host a screening of The Nettle Dress at Alton College this July.

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